Making Big Changes in Data Science

Using the power of cloud computing and open source technologies to enable data science for every organization


It’s all about the data

In the 21st century, every business is a data-driven business. Data provenance, reproducibility of results, cataloging the data ecosystem; challenges that the scientific community has been wrestling with for decades, now affect every business. And the companies and institutions that understand that problem and solve it will drive innovation and success in the coming decades.

White River Computing (WRC) is a world-class data science organization with products and expertise to transform organizations to leverage their data.


Parana: The WRC Data Science Platform.

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Data Ecosystem

Harness the power of the data across your organization by building an integrated data ecosystem.

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Data Science needs cross many different disciplines.   Integrating architecture, data management, machine learning, and visualization together with domain applications can transform industries.

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Whether you need a data science strategy or your are looking for an enterprise-scale solution, WRC can help you achieve your data science goals.